ATF’s Decision On Honey Badger Pistol Exposes a Huge Problem

If you haven’t already heard, just a few days ago, the ATF made a huge regulation change in regards to the Honey Badger Pistol made by Q, LLC. This has sparked a major frenzy as this 1 act alone has ramifications to many law abiding citizens who currently own not just AR/AK pistol platforms but who also utilize braces such as the SIG Brace and the ever popular SB Tactical Brace. Many of the countries 2A groups such as the FPC, GOA, NRA, SB-Tactical and Q, LLC are all over this. There have been many letters sent to the DOJ and to the White House in order to bring light to this issue.

To assist people and catch up on the latest, we have added the links below. We will do our best to keep you up to date as the news becomes available. If you own an AR/AK pistol platform and a Brace, you need to keep an eye on this.

Colion Noir discussion with SB Tactical regarding ATF

FPC Submits Pre-Litigation Request to DOJ, ATF in Q Honey Badger SBR Determination

Urge the Department of Justice to Rein in ATF’s Arbitrary Determination on “Honey Badger” Pistol