Duncan V California: Amicus Briefs

Duncan Vs California Amicus Brief Submissions

     By now Im pretty sure everyone is aware of the case Duncan vs The State of California regarding standard capacity magazines. Recently a ruling by a 3 judge panel said that the standard also known as “High Capacity” magazine ban is in fact unconstitutional. Well the Governor of California along with the AG of California have decided that this ruling must not be tolerated. They are now wasting further tax payer dollars to fight what is in fact unconstitutional in order to have an Enbanc hearing. To add further insult to injury, multiple Amicus briefs have been filed in favor of the Governor and AG by multiple institutions to include 12 AG’s from various other states.

     Take a read at the information presented by our friends at the CRPA and Michel and Associates. Is your states AG involved? Is your states AG furthering the suppression of constitutional rights? The battle ground is in California. If you can, support our brothers and sisters in the fight against these unconstitutional bans. Remember, California is the proving ground for these type of laws. If not stopped, they will spread across the nation.

Amicus Brief Submissions

California Rifle and Pistol Association

Michel and Associates