ATF Proposed Rule (Pistol Braces and Frame/Receivers)

Update: 12-August 2021

We just wanted to remind all of our clients, friends and colleagues that only a few days remain to submit your feedback to the ATF regarding the proposed rule change of definitions to receivers/frames and braces. This is a big unnecessary change by those who desperately want to further deny our constitutional rights. If you are not aware of these proceedings, we suggest to read the information below.


ATF Proposed Rule: Pistol Braces and Frame/Receivers

To all our Friends and Firearm owners of America,

By law, the ATF has to provide us an opportunity to make our voices heard by offering a time and place for comment on these proposed rulings. We have witnessed just this last December how effective our united voices can be in helping fight the constant battle for our 2nd Amendment rights. Groups like “Second Amendment Alliance“, “Firearms Policy Coalition“, “Gun Owners Of America” and many others across this great country can use these comments and all of our support to help fight this legislation now and into the future!

Please take some time and respectfully submit your comments. We have seen what they do when an inch is given. This has nothing to do if you like or dislike “Pistol Braces” and or “DIY 80% receivers”. This has to do with the principal “OUR RIGHTS”. As firearm owners “WE” are all in this together and need to stand united

-ATF Proposed Rule 2021-R08, Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached “Stabilizing Braces”-