Biden Calls for sweeping gun bans

Biden Calls for sweeping gun bans

Today, Joe Biden called for sweeping gun bans by the US Senate which directly attack the US Constitution.

We can ban Assault Weapons and High Capacity magazines in this country once again… The United States Senate should immediately pass the two House-passed bills (H.R. 8, H.R. 1446) and we should also ban Assault Weapons in the process.”

No never-mind the existing gun laws already on the books to include “Murder” as a criminal act. Colorado already has strict gun laws such as:

• Universal Background Checks
• Red Flag gun seizure laws
• “Hi-capacity” magazine bans

Yet, none of these laws would have stopped this guy from doing what he set out to do. Joe Biden, Harris, Feinstein, and the anti-gun groups want to make people believe that no laws exist to deter crime especially gun laws. Or that anyone can walk into a store and walk right out with a gun, better yet walk into a store and buy a military “Assault Weapon”. This is obvious to those of us who follow the laws. Well, lets try to shed some light to those not in the know.

On a federal level we have:

National Firearms Act (NFA34) The law also required the registration of all NFA firearms with the Secretary of the Treasury. Firearms subject to the 1934 Act included shotguns and rifles having barrels less than 18 inches in length, certain firearms described as “any other weapons,” machine guns, and firearm mufflers and silencers.

Gun Control Act of 1968 also known as the (GCA68). On its own “This Legislation regulated interstate and foreign commerce in firearms, including importation, “prohibited persons”, and licensing provisions”.

Firearm Owners Act (also known as the (GCA86). The Act also amended the GCA68 to prohibit the transfer or possession of machine guns.

Brady Law “The Brady Law imposed as an interim measure a waiting period of 5 days before a licensed importer, manufacturer, or dealer may sell, deliver, or transfer a handgun to an unlicensed individual”.

These are just a few of the laws on a federal level not including the countless laws at the state levels. With all this said, which of the multitude of laws were not enforced which allowed this guy to obtain a firearm?