The ATF has sent their finished Pistol Brace Rule to the White House for final approval before releasing it to the public.

Hello to all of our friends and clients around the country. We wanted to again bring this hot topic to your attention as this affects millions of law abiding citizens that currently own and use a pistol brace on their firearm. We know that the White House will sign this opinion in which to try and create law. We know this is a clear, direct violation and attack on our Constitutional rights. The thought here is that Executive Action can be used to bypass Congress. Many 2A groups are also waiting for this to drop so it can be reviewed by legal counsel.

You may ask yourself “Is there anything we can do in the meantime?” YES. We highly suggest that you support your local 2A group or one of the national groups such as National Association for Gun Rights or Gun Owners of America. Also,contact your representatives and ask that they support and back the constitution. Ask them to step in and stop the ATF. Be professional and courteous in any communications with your representatives. The White House has already publicly stated that they would like to ban all semiauto firearms(Rifles and Pistols) to include certain caliber of ammunition. This is where we need to be united as a firearms community. This is “Death by 1000 Cuts”. If we are not united, we will loose more than just an accessory.

Watch the latest video from the NAGR.

National Association for Gun Rights

Gun Owners of America